Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Storms and ch-ch-changes

Our pastor Matt did a sermon out of Mark on Sunday and part of it was about Storms.  

"A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat, 
so that it was nearly swamped.
Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion. 
The disciples woke him and said to him, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?”

He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves,
Quiet! Be still!"
Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.
He said to his disciples,
"Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?
They were terrified and asked each other, 
“Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!” Mark 4:35-41

Over the past few days, our family has found ourselves in a storm.  Not your usual squall, but a true storm.  

"The clouds prepare for battle in the dark unmoving silence 
Bruised and sullen storm clouds have the light of day obscured 
Looming low and ominous in twilight premature 
Thunderheads are rumbling in a distant overture" - "Jacob's Ladder" - Rush

It's been tough on everyone, but I find myself reasonably calm in the midst of the storm. Not that I haven't had my moments where I doubted, or was horribly depressed, but I know that it's in these storms that our faith is tempered and made stronger. Sometimes it seems small comfort, but for the most part, I'm doing OK. 

"I come into this place
Burning to receive your peace
I come with my own chains
From wars I've fought for my own selfish gain
You're my God and my Father
I've accepted your Son
But my soul feels so empty now
What have I become?

Lord, come with your fire,
Burn my desires; refine me
Lord, my will has deceived me
Please come and free me
Refine me" 

- "Refine Me" - Jennifer Knapp

I love the part of the Mark passage where Jesus is sleeping in the midst of the storm.  It's not that Jesus is unaware, but what's important is that He's both unconcerned about it, and that and He's with us in that storm.  He's in the boat with us, and His presence provides comfort.

A couple of days ago, I posted about God saying "No" and how he always has something better planned.  Well, it seems God hand is moving in my life.  My prayers are being answered.  Not in the way I expect, or even want, but His hand driving the boat, and I'm confident of the destination.

"All at once the clouds are parted 
Light streams down in bright unbroken beams 
Follow men's eyes as they look to the skies 
The shifting shafts of shining weave the fabric of their dreams" - Jacob's Ladder, Rush.

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