Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

(this is going to be a rambling affair, so feel free to tl;dr)

God has blessed me and my family beyond all reason.  Really.  We aren't deserving of all that he's given us, and so, we work hard to share His blessings as much as we can.  This great big house is more than the four (now three, with Josh at school) of us need, but when Josh brings over his dorm floors to watch football, or for their yearly Christmas party, it's the perfect size, as He intended.

I have an amazing job, and work with some truly amazing people.  I make games every day, who could ask for more?

I have some truly awesome kids.  Both of them are Godly, kind, gracious and loving.

And, as I've written here before, God gave me my Robin, who saved my life.

It's hard to feel like I deserve all that He has provided.  I am so far from a perfect human, that His Grace is clearly just that.  Grace.   Undeserved.  Unexpected.  Unearned.

I'm grateful nonetheless, and try to show my gratitude and love for Him by helping everyone I can. I can only pray that His light and Grace shines through me, unfiltered, and into the world.

But sadly, I'm broken and stained, and too often that light is filtered and dim.  But I'm trying, because I love Him more than anything.

The good news is that He loves ME more than anything, and his love is boundless and unending.  It's infinite and beyond the comprehension of our decidedly finite minds. And he has faith in ME.  How could I do less than love him and have faith in Him?

I am thankful for everything he's given us, but most of all I'm thankful for God's love and guidance. For His gift of life, His gift of my children and my wife, and both my puppies.  For his everlasting love for each of us.  For His perfect faith in us. For His example.  For His son's sacrifice. And for being the Father that I never had.

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