Friday, February 24, 2012

A Prayer for a special kid and his family

Father God,

I come to you with thoughts of JohnMark and his family, and the difficulties they're going through right now.  

Father please be with JohnMark, and lay your healing hands upon him.  He is a wonderful, Godly child.  Father, I pray that you gather him up in your arms, and comfort him, and that he feels the healing power of your love.

Father, please be with his family, a family of amazing disciples, who bow to your will in all things. This family has been the light on a hill for many that they've met, including me.  Your light clearly shines through them.  Grant them hope and strength in this difficult time.  

Father be with his doctors, and grant them the light of discernment, and the spark of inspiration, and father I pray they work as Your hands, and that through them, You show that Your hand is in all things. 

Father, I pray that JohnMark and his family know that their church family loves them with the love of Jesus, and that we're fervently praying for them.

Father, I know I'm supposed to ask that your will be done in all things, but in this, I fervently pray that your will in this is healing and hope, for JohnMark and for his family.

It's in the name of your Son, Jesus Chris, the healer and hope for all nations.


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