Sunday, September 23, 2012

Misc Updates

So, on my workbench are two things:

My 3D Printer, Skynet, a MendelMax 1.5 variant, and a 1/350 scale USS Nimitz.

The printer has been sitting idle lately, as I've been super busy with work at church.  Here are some pics, though, as I've only posted a few here vs. Facebook.

Here's a link to the pics:

Facebook pics of skyNet
Video of it in action.

The Nimitz is still early, here's a link to the pics:

USS Nimitz

It'll be quite a while before I'm done with this one. A year or more.

Lately, I'm feeling like I need something creative to keep me afloat.  Painting, drawing, can't make up my mind.  One problem I've had is finding christian T-shirts in Tall sizes.  I might design a shirt myself and get it printed in the right size. :)

Any suggestions for a creative project?

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